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Avast Mobile Security

Mobile phones have evolved into amazing pieces of gadgetry. Before, you can only use mobile phones for calling. Nowadays, you can not only call with mobile phones, you can actually surf the internet with it.

Now, the internet is an amazing resource. You can search about anything, you can buy anything, heck, you can even check your bank account using your mobile phone. But, because of these things, people with nefarious intentions are ready to create viruses and other malicious malware to steal information and steal whatever it is that you have online.

To prevent this, you need to have a robust mobile security app. Today, we are going to be talking about an Android app that has been touted as one of the best antivirus security suites for the platform. I am referring to the Avast Mobile Security.

The Avast Mobile Security offers a lot of security features. It has an anti-virus, a malware scanner, anti-theft protection, and it also comes with a plethora of tools.

Let’s talk first about its antivirus, since this is the major scope of the article. When computers get infected with nasty viruses and malware, it can just have minor annoyances, but some viruses are powerful enough leaving your computer inoperable.

The Android platform was once touted to be one of the safest operating systems in mobile phones, but because of its rise to popularity, more and more bad people create applications and other viruses that target specifically mobile phones.

With the Avast Mobile Security, it has a very powerful antivirus. Avast also has a version for personal computers and it also garnered critical acclaim from people. The Avast Mobile Security app is no different. Its antivirus app is so powerful and so robust that it can really protect your mobile phone from any incoming threats online.

When you have this app installed, you just set it and forget it. There’s no more tweaking as the necessary options are automatically done by the app itself.

In fact, the Avast Mobile Security was tested and installed on mobile phones that are already infected with malware and viruses, and it was able to instantly delete all of them once installed.

Once you have the Avast Mobile Security installed on your mobile phone, it will then do a thorough scan of your system, at first, to check whether your phone is infected with nasties. From there on out, the app will scan any app that gets installed on your mobile phone.

The Avast Mobile Security also doesn’t stop there. The security suite also has a plethora of other tools such as a privacy report and apps manager which provides detailed information about the apps you have installed; an SMS and Call filter that allows you to preserve your privacy; a web shield that blocks any malicious file or website from loading; a network meter which lets you see incoming and outgoing data, and so much more.

The Avast Mobile Security is a great security app and one you should install on your Android Mobile Phone. This app is available for download on the Google play store.