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Choosing Hoverboards

Pressure sensitive pad

Hoverboard is considered as the fun activity for kids as well as adults. There are different types of Hoverboards namely air wheel and hoverboard. There are different designs in Hoverboards. Air wheel means the one which has the board and the wheel. They both are similar concepts but they are controlled in different ways. The board is formed of two pieces and is connected with the wheel on each side which is connected with the center hinge. This allows you to rotate independently in any direction.

The pressure sensitive pad are used in the Hoverboards which help in moving forward when you lean forward and moving backward when you lean backward. If you want to change the direction then you only need to use foot. The left foot push will cause the left wheel to go faster and the board will turn to the right. This is the concept of the hoverboard. The second type is the wheel also known as air wheel. This does not have wheels on outside of board but it has the large wheel in middle. This uses only one wheel and thus it makes turning from one side to another a bit difficult.

Size and weight

Before purchasing the hoverboard http://www.hoverboardofficiel.fr/comment-choisir-son-hoverboard/, you need to ask yourself about the size that you will need. There re many modes of transportation and the size of the wheel is important. The general boards come with the wheel size around 6.5 to 7 inches which is quite small. They are small but are very efficient. They are good for smooth surfaces as they ride well during that time. But in case of uneven surfaces you may find it difficult to handle the hoverboard with small wheels. It is preferable to rise slow during the uneven surfaces and even at the walking pace. The use of small wheel also makes sure that they will not perform well against the curbs and any other elevated surface. In the recent times the wheels of 8 inch and 10 inch are also available in the market.

When the wheel size of the Hoverboards is large then it becomes safe to drive them in any situations and surfaces. Moreover they drive well in the elevated surfaces. The Hoverboards with 10 inch wheel have wheels which are big and the counterparts are small. Weight is the important element which is to be considered. The weight of the rider and the hoverboard is also to be considered. The 7 inch standard hoverboard is able to carry 100Kg with it. There are also some overweight people who try using them but it can affect the overall balance while riding it.

An air wheel can handle weight upto 120Kg. When you are purchasing the hoverboard you also need to keep in mind about waterproofing. The hoverboard can be waterproof or not. It has been found that most of the Hoverboards can work well with splash of water but not lots of water. But it is advisable to clarify things while making a purchase. The other features to be checked is the speed of the hoverboard and whether they provide any extra features like Bluetooth, GPS, speakers, etc. After making proper research you should make a purchase.