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No Man’s Sky Now Has Mods

No Man’s Sky has been out for nearly two weeks now and it is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to fan reactions.

Most people love the fact there is a vast universe to explore while others had enough of the game’s current issues that they even asked for a refund.

Still, No Man’s Sky is one of the most popular games today and that will probably be so even after a few months because the game now supports 3rd party mods.

Just a few days ago, Sean Murray said that the game will now have mods support. This means that the community will be able to create their mods, have them checked by Hello Games, and will have their mods placed on their website for people to use for themselves.

The thing I like about games that have mod support is that it can truly enhance the experience of the gamers.

No Man’s Sky mods range from graphical changes like the removal of the game’s HUD, to some enhancement that further improve the game’s graphical details.

I am going to go over some of the most popular mods as of this time of writing. The “Better Elements” mod will change the game’s element icons to fit the current Material Design used in Google Chrome, for example.

The Material design is actually widely used mainly because of its cleaner and more appealing looks.

Another popular mod that you might want to try is the “Magic Speed” mod. Basically, this mod gives you a speed boost whenever you’re exploring the game by increasing the speed of your character’s jetpack.

This mod is one of the most popular today because of the fact that you can cover a lot of land mass without having to wait a couple of seconds.

Next up is the “Icon Overhaul” mod. As the name of the mod implies, this mod will change almost all of the icons that are present in the game.

The icon overhaul mod is actually quite nice as it really enhances the icons that are present in the game. Gone are the days where you have to stare at ugly icons when playing No Man’s Sky.

But, the most popular mod right now is what they call as the “No Man’s Sky +25 Trainer”.

This mod basically has everything you need to explore the game without having any problems.

By using certain keyboard shortcuts, you can enable different options in the game. For example, if you press the Numpad 1 key, you will enable the Infinite Health option. If you press the ctrl+Numpad 6, you will be granted with Super Speed. And, disabling all of these options is quick and easy as you only need to tap the “Home” button once.

Now, the No Man’s Sky modding community is still fairly fresh but expect to have more mods present in the game in the near future.

You do have to remember that the mods are still only available for the PC version of the game, although, Sean Murray did say that they might port some of the mods on the Playstation 4.

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game and is available on the PC and on the Playstation 4.